"When my son was 5 years old, he was so hyperactive my wife and I joked that we needed to bring him to Master Morrissette for our own self defense. After bringing my son to lessons and classes, I became kind of jealous that he was learning all this cool stuff, and I started taking adult classes. Today, my son and I are both proud black belts. I owe it all to Master Morrissette. His extraordinary patience, his ability to make each class an exciting and unique experience, and his genuine enthusiasm for teaching students martial arts encouraged and inspired us. We will always be grateful."

-Richard Posalski

"After attending a local martial arts studio for six months prior and researching and visiting several others, we found Morrissette Martial Arts . Following a free introductory class, we immediately enrolled our son, who was once very shy and lacked self-confidence. That has now changed and other parents comment on how he has really started coming out of his shell. He has more confidence and improved focus, is more disciplined and has even started addressing us as Sir and Ma’am.

Master Morrissette exhibits a perfect blend of professionalism and concern for both students and their families. Master Morrissette is deeply committed to helping his students work toward and attain their goals. He is fantastic with children, always has a smile on his face and addresses each one by name. He ALWAYS treats them with the utmost respect, which is very important and something my son’s prior school did not do. Master Morrissette models the discipline and behavior he is trying to convey to his students and teaches by example."

-Tim and Connie Anderson

"My 5 yr old son had a terrible experience at another studio which made him feel he was not “good enough.” It hurt his self confidence and he was determined to never take Tae Kwon Do again. He tried many other sports and activities and always quit because they never kept his interest. Then I convinced him to just visit and meet Master Morrissette one day and if it didn’t feel right to him he did not have to join Master Morrissette’s class. Within 3 minutes he had my son, shoes off, running around by his side in the studio! I was amazed at how quickly he gained my son’s trust and respect! Master Morrissette has brought out such confidence in my son that whether he makes it to test for a new belt or not, he still feels like he is a winner, and that he is very important to his class. We thank Master Morrissette for what he has done and most of all for making our son proud of himself."

– Karina K and family

"When I started training with Mr. Morrissette five years ago, I didn’t quite know what I was getting into. I was approaching 40 yrs. of age and my expectations of how far I was going to take it, or what I was going to get out of it were not very high. Over the years, it was Master Morrissette’s encouragement, superior tutelage, and supportive friendship that inspired me to keep setting the bar higher and higher for myself. I am now a first dan black belt and I have no plans of stopping any time soon. My two children will soon be testing for their black belts as well, and they too recognize what an honor and privilege it has been to have Master Morrissette as their teacher.

Master Morrissette and I live in different states now, but he continues to be a huge driving force and inspiration in my martial arts training.;

– Vicki Calderhead